Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pee, Poop, and Pants-less

Sunday mornings when Kevin is playing, I'm not always at my best. It's kind of hard to juggle making myself the most presentable compared to the other six days of the week, get out the door with my bag and a stocked backpack for Caroline, and juggle her inside by myself. I admit, I don't always have the best attitude about it.

Today church was different so I was hanging out with Caroline backstage during the last service while Kevin played. The band was all lined up to go on again, so I took Caroline to the bathroom and miracle she pee'd into the potty without using a potty seat and didn't get pee all over the floor. I was feeling really confident. Her pull-up was wet too, so I put on a fresh one.

We went to the hall so we could go in and watch daddy sing on the last song and I hear grunting. Man, she's pooping!! Back to the bathroom we go and of course, she's already pooped. Then the search for a new pull-up begins. We've had three outings in the past 48 hours and my bag isn't restocked. I had put her backpack back in the van after nursery, so I'd be juggling less. What to do???

So, I carried my bare-bottomed beauty (long dress today, good deal) to the van and put on a fresh pull-up from her backpack. And somehow, I made somehow made it back before the last song.


Sarah said...

Just wait 'til you've go 2 to juggle!!!!! Just kidding. You'll do great at it. You just have to plan to take 3 times as long as you normally would. :) I know it probably seems frustrating now, but it's a funny story that you'll laugh about (if you're not already). Oh, and I imagine your "bad attitude" on those mornings is 50 times better than most of our good attitudes. You're such a good mom and so positive. I'm glad you are my friend.

Andrea said...

We had a diaper incident this past Sunday that ended up with no dress. I laid her down on the changing mat to change her, and there was an... explosion. Everything was dirty, shirt, skirt, changing pad, everything. I cleaned her up but did not have an extra outfit, since I had stopped carrying one with me when she was about 6 months old, so she got to wear a "toga" made of a receiving blanket for the rest of worship service. LOL