Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big girl transitions

I was talking to a friend at church and it looks like I'm behind in updating my blog on the big girl transitions. So for those who care, here's the status... when I feel like we are complete, I'll have to add a post for my Mommy Corner.

We are over two months into potty training. Caroline poops in the potty at least 90% of the time. And it seems that those accidents have to do with illness/medications. And let me tell you, no poopy diapers makes it all worthwhile! In fact, our diaper champ is taking a break in the attic until February : ) Caroline still won't tell me that she needs to pee. I need to just force myself to put her in training pants for a week, but this whole potty training thing is as much a challenge for mommy as it is for Caroline. I did try panties and rubber covers for a morning and that ended in two changes of clothes and a third incident where her clothes were clean but a shower of pee all over the bathroom rug when I took the rubber pants off. Note to other moms, try the all in one rubber pants with lots of extra cloth inside. And another potty training side note, Caroline has to be totally undressed from the waist down to pee... pants, shoes, socks... it's really a challenge in public restrooms.

The big girl bed kinks are all worked out. Kevin succeeded in the transition while I was gone at MOPS convention by giving the pacifier back and turning on her night light. I may have blogged that already. Anyway, Caroline's pink flower wall light from IKEA has done the trick. Even though she was in total darkness in the crib, apparently light is necessary for the bed transition. We also have the child covers on her door knobs, so we can hear her at the door but she can't come out. We firmly tell her to go back to bed and with a small fuss, she complies. She does get books from her shelf and gets into bed with them. She really doesn't have any fun toys out in her room to play with, so if the worst thing she does is look at books until she's asleep, I figure we can deal with that. I really need to post pics of her room. I guess I keep waiting to make it "tidy" for a photo.

"Self" is another big girl transition she learned while I was away at MOPS convention. She always wanted to hold my hand or be carried on the stairs. Now she pulls her hand to her chest and announces, "self." We used to hold hands as a family to pray and then we taught her to hold her own hands. So now she wants to pray by herself. Daddy and mommy still hold hands to show her that it's another fun way to pray. "Self" is also another big thing with putting on her pants (which she can halfway do) and socks (which she can't do at all, so can be very frustrating for mommy and Caroline).

We are trying another attempt at the pumpkin patch tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures.


Sarah said...

What time was the pumpkin patch again? 9? 10?