Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome back

We are back in Houston.

Our power came back sometime late yesterday, so we headed home from College Station, after a stop at Lowe's, refueling, and stocking up on groceries. We are also really excited to find out on the MUD 208 website that our water IS safe to drink. Yay!! What an extra blessing. (We do have bottled water and fresh ice if anyone needs it.)

We worked for about 30 minutes chipping dirt off the root ball of our down tree. It was a lot easier going then we thought. And Caroline did great playing on her swingset - that was amazingly untouched by Ike- while we worked.

We plan on working more on the dirt tomorrow morning. We have a friend with a chainsaw that's going to let us know tomorrow when he can come help us with our tree. It would be awesome if we can get it taken care of without my parents having to drive 4 hours each way to help us. (Leave a comment if you'd be willing to provide man power to haul branches to the curb.)

We did notice a disturbed area in our living room ceiling under a section were our roof comes together with another section. Luckily, it didn't leak into the house during the storm and ruin furniture or carpet. We are waiting on a call from Allstate which we filed with online this morning.