Monday, September 15, 2008

House update

We went to check on our house today and have come back to College Station since we are still without power.

So here's the damage...

... we lost a small piece of trim from one of the eves.

... and then there is the tree that fell and miraculously only dented the gutter.

Here's a view from our side gate. The tree fills the whole side of the yard. The right side of the picture is our neighbors yard. They say that every fence from our yard to the end of our street was blown down.

Can you believe the power of this storm? Look at that root ball.

We ended up cleaning out our fridge and throwing almost everything away. Almost three bagfuls.
Our neighbor is going to call us when our power comes back on. Hopefully we'll be home on Wednesday. Then we can take Kevin's Dad to the airport on the trip and just stay home.
I'll be posting when I know our travel plans to see if anyone needs any items from a store in College Station that might not be available yet in Houston stores.


Andrea said...

Wow, that is crazy! I'm so glad you guys are all right.

Carrie said...

Holy crap! That was no small tree! I am glad your house survived!