Monday, June 23, 2008


Anyone have any advice or recommendations about potty chairs?

I'm not starting potty training by any means, but I think Caroline is starting to show some interest, so I thought I might look into getting one.


Sarah said...

Well, now that Madelyn is ALMOST done being poty trained........ We went for the seat that sits on top of the regular toilet and got step stools at IKEA (like $3)for her to reach. I really didn't want to have to clean the "stuff" out of a floor potty chair. Plus, she's already accustomed to a regular toilet, which I think makes it easier to go on toilets in public. She can put it on the toilet and take it off herself, so it's still really easy. I've also heard of ones that actually attach and pull up or down like the regular seat. That all sounds confusing, but let me know what you choose.
This is what we have:
This is the other one:

Shannon Morton said...

Sweet friend, I have no advice on particular potty chairs. We borrowed a basic one that sat on the ground and it seemed to work fine.

On the other hand, I know how much you like to read up on things and be prepared. (You are so good at being intentional.) I've got some notes I wrote up on potty training to help me remember for #2. Can I send them to you? ;)

She's growing up. Sweet, sweet Caroline!

cristina said...

not related to post...but i LOVE the new look. ;)