Tuesday, May 13, 2008


(Okay, so I spell checked that title, so I hope I spelled it right.)

I have lots of random things to tell. I'll start at the beginning of the pictures I just downloaded.

* Caroline is into stickers. I bought a book of 800+ stickers at Wal-mart before my surgery and it's Caroline's new favorite thing. She pronounces it with D's - "di-der." And she loves to put stickers on those that she really loves. It reminds me of the Max Lucado book You Are Special and the Wemmicks. See how loved I am... (Grandma and Granny are also very loved.)

Some of the stickers say "You Rock." We save those for Daddy.

* Caroline had her first pizza last week... twice. We went to Double Daves in Houston on Wednesday and then we went to Chuck E. Cheese with Kevin's family on Saturday. She ate an entire (small) slice of cinnamon dessert pizza all by herself at DDs. I think CEC was a little overstimulating, but she had fun playing the games with Kevin and watching Chuck E. Cheese. But she DID NOT like standing right beside him. More pictures are on Granny's blog.

* Here is Caroline pretending to be a little mommy on Mother's Day. She put the stuffed bear in the baby swing and then put the tray back on. It's so sweet how you don't have to teach girls to nurture.

* Our Mother's Day picture.

* I bought new sippy cups this week. I counted and we had six varieties all pilled into a rubbermaid in our cup cabinet. I hated how much space they took up, but they were all purchased through various phases of our transition to sippy cups. I bagged them all up and stored them for the next baby and bought ten new cups (by First Years at Target) that nest. Note to new moms: When you pick out baby dishes, think about storage. If you get the cutesy, character plates and bowls, none of them will be the exact same size as the others and they'll become a leaning tower in your cabinets.

* I just discovered Lime A-way. We have really hard water and ever since we moved into this house, I haven't been able to get our glass shower doors clean from the previous occupants. I've used the most elbow grease I could muster, to no avail. Wow, that Lime A-way stuff really works. It's probably caustic, but it works. It also got the hard water stains off of our kitchen faucet that is only a year old.

* Caroline likes to use her graham crackers to scoop up her apple sauce in the morning. Here's a video.

* Caroline helped me do laundry today. I was folding on top of the dryer and she grabbed one of "dada's" socks and took it out of the laundry room. She repeated this a few times before I went to see where she was taking them. She put them on our bed. Actually, the pile is still there - I should probably go tend to it. Check out her cute little run in the video.

I'm also teaching Caroline to help put the silverware away. A friend gave me this idea, so once I put the sharp stuff away, I lay the basked on the side on the counter and let her get on her stool to help. When she unloads grown-up silverware she usually points out that it is "memmy's."


Marianne said...

Love all the videos and info!

Carrie said...

Look at those LONG legs! She's getting so big!

cristina said...

fun post. :)

alex liked watching her friend.

Sarah said...

That is so true about kid cups and plates!!!!!!!

Shannon Morton said...

Thank you for these updates. It is such great insight into your world and Caroline's. She is so,so precious and will love when you have another wee one. May God bless you, dear Margaret!

Andrea said...

Great post! :D

We have that same cherries dress. Although ours is a 12 month size... I'm sure Caroline's is bigger. lol