Thursday, May 15, 2008

No more stitches

Yay!! I got my stitches out today.


cristina said...


so when's the haircut? it's fun seeing the poll on your blog telling you people want you to "go drastic" :)

Sarah said...

YEAH! I am wondering about that haircut, too. Was it all talk!? Hahaha. So, you gonna go all the way?

Erica & Colin said...

Great news about the stitches! I've been thinking about you!

Thanks for the comment about The Office on my blog. Made me laugh out loud all over again. Yes, the Kevin thing had Colin and I laughing so hard we could hardly hear the show. It was genius!

And, yes, I knew of Angela's pregnancy. I too was trying to show Colin (look how they're always hiding her belly, look how her face has filled out a little, etc.), but he wasn't too interested either. Men...

Have a great weekend! Thanks again for the laugh!