Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ruckus Room

I have lots of cute stuff that I need to download from my camera, but for now I just wanted to RAVE about Ruckus Room.

Today was Toddler Tuesday so you only pay one dollar per the age of your child, so Caroline got in for $1 (plus tax). There are four rooms with multiple bounce houses. And the Monkey room has two playsets with slides. That's what Caroline played on the most.

The best thing was that the staff (actually, the owner I think) came around a couple times while we were there and asked if we were doing okay. It was really sweet. And when we were leaving he made a balloon turtle for Caroline (which sounds like standard practice).

This was our first time to go to Toddler Tuesday, but the scoop from another mom is that lots of mommy groups go in the morning, but we went at 1:00 and it wasn't crowded at all.


Emma Days said...

We loove the Ruckus Room!!! :)