Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picture Post

Caroline's friend, Abby, came over several times last week. Kevin and I have figured out that Caroline calls her "Aaa Aaa." I took a picture of them playing last week. Abby also went to the pool with Caroline and me on Memorial Day.

Caroline helped me bake cookies last Friday. I decided to let her lick the spoon for the first time and it made some really cute pictures.

We got Caroline a tunnel for her birthday in October. In the past it's taken a lot of prodding to get her to crawl through, but over the past couple months, she has decided the tunnel is okay and scrambles through on her own. So fast, in fact, that I almost missed this action shot.

Stickers ("dickers") continue to be part of our daily life. Luckily, we still have plenty left in our 800+ book that I got at Wal-mart. Caroline rarely puts them on herself, but since Kevin and I were busy around the house, she decided to try. She was covered... as was our dog, Holly ("ho ho"). Thankfully, Holly is really laid back and didn't seem to mind.

Caroline has figured out the proper way to wrinkle the pages so she can pull the stickers off. Talk about developing fine motor skills.

Caroline also just learned to walk around in our shoes. Mostly our flip flops but also my sandals. She actually has my sandals on over her own shoes in this picture.

Caroline has a new "chore" - unloading the silverware (after I take out the sharp objects of course). I got it on video. When she unloads grown-up silverware, she usually points out that it is "mommy's."

I'm having fun teaching Caroline to do chores. Who would think that a 19 month toddler could do chores? But we are teaching Caroline to serve and be responsible, so I'm getting creative with things she can do.

-She puts her morning and evening dirty laundry in her laundry basket.

-She helps carry small items in from grocery shopping.

-She helps scoop and pour the dry dog food into the dog bowls.

-She puts her pacifier into a basket and her blanket into her crib after waking up. This past week she's started doing it without prompting. It's so cute - she looks so proud when I come to find that she's already pulled out the basket and slipped her pacifier in. Yes, I really need to take the pacifier away, but I just can't do it... any thoughts.

-She puts her dirty utensil into the dishwasher.

-She carries her bib to the table for each meal.

-She cleans up her toys. Last week I told her to put away her castle. I was in another room than the toy and when I went to check on her, she had finished putting the parts into a basket and put the basket back on the proper shelf. I was so proud!!

-She helps carry a few articles from my laundry sort in the bathroom to the washer. And I place the wet laundry on the dryer door and let her push it into the dryer. She also will carry Kevin's socks and pile them on our bed while I'm folding laundry.

-She hands our bed pillows to me while I make the bed.


Sarah said...

That's awesome! It's so good to teach them young. Those are most of the same chores that Madelyn does. She likes doing most of them right now. I don't know what I'll do when she stops liking the "mommy's helper" role. Oh, and I don't think the paci is a big deal, but when we took Madelyn's away, it only took a couple of nights before she forgot about them.

Carrie said...

Awww..that's so cute!

Andrea said...

That's so cute! :D