Friday, June 29, 2012

VBS 2012

I can't believe that less than a week before having a baby, the girls and I were doing VBS (June 25-29).

It was an amazing week and the girls both had so much fun.  All the songs, like "Life is Good," "O Happy Day," and "Rise and Sing" were stuck in our head for days afterwards.

This was Caroline's first year to do the main VBS program and she was in the 1st grade Lemon Yellow group.  Wow, I can't believe she's entering 1st grade!  For Charlotte, this was her first time to get to do the preschool VBS program.  She was in the second preschool, purple group.

We wore our VBS shirts everyday, which I had to take in and cut down to fit the girls.  I used the leftover fabric to make slipcovers for their headbands.  We had quick mornings at home with dry cereal and juice in the car as we were on our way.  This was also a big week because we'd moved the girls' car seats to the back row of the van and Caroline buckled and unbuckled Charlotte for me each day.

I helped run the preschool program, along with my friend, Cristina.  I was on my feet a lot, but I was also in the snack room a lot.

The girls took turns taking pictures of us on the last day.  I think it's funny that Charlotte's first few attempts ended up just getting my belly.  We finally got her to aim the camera a bit higher.

One of my highlights was on VBS Sunday when the kids were invited to go onstage to dance and sing with the Praise Team.  Caroline took Charlotte by the hand and found a place for them on the front center platform both times.  Caroline danced away and I could see Charlotte watching and mimicking the moves of her big sister.  It was precious!