Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 22 In Review

Letter O is for Octopus.
Still memorizing 1 Co 13:4-6 and singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children."

Charlotte's shelf has: How many octopus, O rings, circle/o gluing, ocean fishing puzzle, dry erase pre-writing, Letter O mat with magnet fuzzies, and beads.

Charlotte loves working with craft supplies some weeks.  She was hamming it up for the camera this day and made me take a picture with her eye closed too.

I gave Charlotte a blank Read It! Build It! Write It! mat while Caroline was working on her letter O spelling words (I threw in several "oo" words since not many simple words start with "O").  I noticed she started matching the titles with the scrabble tiles.  Hmmm, interesting.

We also stamped our valentine's for our friends at Ainsley Courte this week.  We did two ideas from Pinterest.  One was using celery to stamp a rose (and then I planted the celery root in the yard) and the other was using a toilet paper tube squished into a heart shape.

I had some leftover Jello stickers from our Letter K,  "Keep your tongue from evil." project, so we made some more stickers to play with.  I wrote letters for Charlotte and she matched them up to her name on the paper.

I was looking all over the internet for some simple printables for Charlotte to copy to make words, and then remembered a first words flashcard set that I had on hand.  She did a few before she lost interest.

Then someone had to take a picture of mommy.