Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 21 In Review

We had kind of an off week during letter N since all three of us girls were sick with colds and secondary infections.  The girls colored some princess pictures one day, and we painted pictures on big sheets of paper taped to the garage on Friday.  I really just try to maintain our math pace on weeks like this.

The theme for letter N was Nest and instead of the letter N Bible verse, we started working on 1 Corinthians 13:4.

Charlotte's shelf has: nest color puzzles, egg/spoon race game, nest counting cards with plastic eggs, theme puzzle, dry erase coloring page, and squeaky eggs.

We did fit in our science lesson on cells.  I simplified what she had to learn, so we focused on the three main parts, nucleus, cytoplasm, and the cell membrane.  We made a jello model and added some of the other parts of the cell for interest.  You have to let the jello set up for an hour or so before you add your fruit.  Then instead of sinking, it floats on the top where you place it.

Sometimes, Caroline wants to jump right into her journal entry after breakfast, so we are still in nightgowns this day.  "It is boring in the house while I am sick." was her entry.  I thought about persuading her to write sometime more positive, but figured I might as well let her express how she feels.  The illustration was the three of us with sad faces, her crying, looking out a window.  She's really been missing playing with her friend, Kate.

Cabin fever was setting in, so we took advantage of a sunny morning to do some artwork outside.  Caroline did a picture for me and and picture for Kate, both with heart shaped balloons.  Charlotte chose to do a rainbow.  I helped her finish the arch on one side and then she proceeded to retrace over the top in all the colors, so it turned out kind of muddy.

We celebrated Super Bowl Sunday with homemade cookies and football strawberries.  Charlotte and Caroline were both kitchen helpers.

I had a big scrap of paper leftover from our art, so in an effort to entertain Charlotte over the weekend, we worked on identifying some letters.  Most of the traced letters are the ones I did.