Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 19 In Review

This week is brought to you by the letter K... letter K as in ketch-up... or catch-up as I prefer, because we were supposed to do K back in December when everyone was sick and mommy was in her first trimester.

Verse: "Keep you tongue from evil." Ps 34:13
Song: You are my King
Rhyme: Three little kittens

Charlotte's shelf has: kite build a pattern, large pattern blocks, kite number cards, 1-5 puzzle, kite dry erase pre-writing, letter books (a favorite this week), and regular pattern blocks with kite template.

I was way behind in our study of the five types of vertebrates, so we ended up making an entire lapbook this week for science and hitting them all.  It was fun and it turned out we got to close it out with a trip to the zoo on Saturday.

Something about our Bible verse this week "Keep your tongue from evil." made me think of making something that was good for our tongue... jello stickers.  So, I printed the Bible verse out for both the girls and painted the back with a concentrated solution of lime jello.  When it dried, I cut the strips and let the girls go to town coloring, cutting, licking, and sticking their Bible verse to construction paper.

The best part of the week was that we had three days of playing grocery store in our math curriculum.  The first day, we created our grocery store, sorted the items, priced them, and named our grocery store (Caroline and Mommy's store).

After having some fun with our sister playing for a day or so, the lessons continued and we practiced adding our 2-digit amounts.  Mommy carefully priced everything so there was no regrouping (math talk for having to carry a ten).

We had two days to shop for our two items and then make a receipt.  We had four shopping trips each day.
I was really impressed because we were supposed to just use dimes and pennies to represent each of the two items and then recount them together to get the sum.  Caroline wasn't that into it, so I went ahead and explained how to add the amounts in the ones and tens columns to get the sum and she liked that way much better.

Let's check in on Charlotte during school.  Oh, she's got Ariel swimming in the deep end off of the trampoline.  Silly girl.