Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 18 In Review

We were still easing back into school, so I got Charlotte's shelf updated for letter L (ladybugs), but didn't quite get to making anything for circle time.  So we had another week without circle time, but that's any easy thing to let go since the girls have mastered most of the things I include.

We have lots of ladybugs in the house, so the shelf contained:  Ladybug number cards (which I really stressed with Charlotte this week), chunky puzzle, ladybug sorting by size, peg puzzle, ladybug shape matchup, ladybug pink/purple counters, ladybug lacing, and a sensory bin with brown shredded paper/bugs/magnifying glasses.

I was glad to have a use for the brown shredded paper that I saved from a gift basket and the magnifying glasses are always a big hit.

Here's one way that we were able to include Charlotte in a math lesson.  Caroline's lesson was using the pattern blocks.  She had to use the blocks to fill a shape and the graph the number of each block she used.  So, since the pattern blocks were out, I grabbed our other pattern pages and let Charlotte play with those.  She chose the bunny of course.

I usually try to make a sticker, cutting, or gluing activity for Charlotte each week.  This week, I drew some ladybugs on red paper and put them out with some circle stickers (like the garage sale price stickers).  She worked on this during another lesson.

Journaling is turning out to be a big hit, since we are working on it before breakfast is even over.

The girls picked out some ballerina shrinky dinks with their Christmas money, so we did them as a treat when our schoolwork got done one day.  I forgot how fun they are!

I think the girls were holding school in the schoolroom one day.  Caroline pulled out a TV tray and was reading and Charlotte was facing her and "reading" her own book.