Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here's some fun things that the girls are up to lately.

-She's started coloring inside of the lines and filling in shapes over the past few weeks.
-She makes a really good effort at counting to 30 (we count our calendar every day).  Then sometimes she skips to 100 and says it very enthusiastically... because we are usually pretty excited to get to 100 around here.
-She likes to ask Kevin at dinner, "What did you do at work today, daddy?"  She'll often ask multiple times.

-She's working her way through her first chapter book.  "Tinkerbell and the Mermaid Lagoon" is over 110 pages and she read 4 chapters in her first week having it.  Our deal is that when she finishes it, we'll go buy another one.
-She likes building "hiding spots" in her bedroom with Charlotte.  It usually entails moving every piece of movable furniture to form a corral near their closet.
-She likes tucking Charlotte in at night... reading her a story and singing a sweet, made up song to her.


Mom said...

I can just imagine all this fun you have with Caroline and Charlotte! They are so precious!