Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween fell on a Monday this year, and even though it's a school day, we had to have a special breakfast.  So, we tried out painting toast with colored milk.  It was a fun process, but the girls weren't that excited by the finished product.  I think they ended up having cereal before we got dressed in our costumes for the entire day.

We rented a bounce house for our annual street party and it arrived during naptime.  I'm always so ready for the girls to wake up so the fun can begin.

A couple neighborhood kids came over and the kids had practically gotten our money's worth before the party even began.

It's funny that we host the Halloween party each year, because our house isn't the most decked out of everyone on our street.  But, I decided to make an effort this year, so I hung orange lights around the garage and draped some $1 table clothes from the garage door.  Then we set the potluck tables up in the garage as usual.

This was the year of pigs in a blanket.  I think we had about four families that brought them (including us).  I guess that's what we all think when I put "finger foods" on the invitation.  I tried to add a healthier alternative with a carrot platter I'd seen in a magazine.  It turned out really cute, but didn't look like a pumpkin for long.

There are six famililies with young elementary and preschool aged kids on our street.  We managed to successfully get them all in a photo... not that they are all looking, but they are all in one place.

Then the trick-or-treating began.  Our friends, Alicia and Ian, joined us for the evening and walked around the neighborhood with us.  Then Alicia had some time to enjoy the bounce house as much as the girls had.

And finally, to end the night, a triple slide with Abby!