Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 3 in Review

Since we took Monday off for Labor day, we had a little bit of a mixed up week of school.  It took me some time to shift around our subjects to fit most of it in during our four days at home, including our monthly nursing home visit.  I was glad to have one last free Wednesday before BSF starts back up.

Instead of a letter of the week, we did a ballet them.  It worked out nicely that we could review A and B off of the word ballet.
Bible Verse: "You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing." Ps 30:11
Song: I Am Free (to dance)
Rhyme: Lord of the Dance

Things learned this week:
We have two states named Alaska and Alabama.
The three types of rocks are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
Spelling words: bun, bat, big, black, brown, beg
Writing 16 through 18, graphing, ordinal numbers (first through sixth), and halves.

I don't think we ended up using our "official" PE curriculum at all this week.  The weather was so nice that we went to the park at the beginning of the week, and were out and about during that time at the end of the week (which worked out because I was keeping the girls away from the smoke smells wafting in from the wildfires.)  I guess the park trip on Wednesday counted as a little home economics since we took our baby dolls.

I let Caroline stamp her spelling words on Wednesday.  She was having a difficult time concentrating and Pluto was being a bad influence.  She ended up with ink all over but did get all her words done in the end.  I did realize that she was copying the color words off of a poster we have in the school room, so I covered them with post-it notes before she did the review on Friday.

Our math lesson on Thursday expected us to eat 10 apples so we could count and graph the seeds.  Ummm, I don't think so.  Instead, I put clip art cutouts of apples on 10 disposable cups and we counted pinto beans instead.  Then we wrote the numbers of "seeds" that were in each "apple" and made a graph.

Kevin administered the weekly assessment of our Saxon Math 1 program on Thursday night and I realized that we needed to reinforce ordinal numbers that we'd worked on the previous week.  I think I come up with my best activities when I'm trying to find a new way to teach or practice a concept.  So, I printed some flash cards for first through sixth and we practiced putting them in order on our pocket chart.

Then, we put the flashcards in our photo block and combined it with a set of colored cards in a second photo block.  We took turns rolling the dice and coloring some clip art ballet pictures until we filled each row.  I think she's got it now!

Finally, we made pet rocks for our art project.  It did end up that I did all the hot gluing, but the girls had fun picking stuff out of my do-dad box.  Caroline wanted hers to have a hanger for our Christmas tree.  Thanks Gen for letting me rob your landscaping.