Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 2 in Review

Here's a review of our second week of school:

Letter of the week: B (butterfly)
Bible Verse: "Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry."  James 1:19
Song: The B I B L E
Rhyme: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Things learned this week:
Uppercase and Lowercase B.
The sign for B.
There are 13 original colonies.
Parts of the globe.
Spelling words: bed, bag, bell, bin, box, bug, be
Writing 11 through 15, triangles, beginning word problems, counting to 100.

The girls are really enjoying the hula hoops that we got for PE.  We pick them up from the floor and hold them over our heads, we hold them like a steering wheel and make big circles, we hold them over our heads and pretend to twirl like helicopters, we jump like frogs on lily pads, we jump through them like an obstacle course, and we practice jumping in and out (which means jumping backwards.  There are so many uses.  A great $3 investment!

I couldn't help myself and made colored butterflies for Charlotte's sensory box out of bowtie pasta.  I spent a little extra to get the name brands because they were smaller.  The girls had fun cooking them in their toy pots and pans.  Mrs.  Alicia came over one day to drop off a guitar and we sucked her into entertaining Charlotte.  She made the teddy bear, which was something I hadn't thought to try.

Caroline is enjoying putting her science cards in our pocket chart.  I bought metal rings to hook it to our dog gate.  She's really good at picking out the big science words to match the questions if she's using cards.

Caroline was very excited to start a new month on the calendar we write on during math each day.  She was also excited because we got to make our first bundle of 10 straws on Friday for our place value cans.  Charlotte has really been enjoying her sensory box through the first half of our math lesson.  She usually ends up watching a show before we are all done though.  Baby steps.

Our butterfly craft on Friday was a bit of a flop because the cheap glitter glue was all congealed.  So, I ended up getting another craft out that went much better.  We used coffee filters that I sprayed with water (to make them flat and wick the paint).  Then we painted them with watercolors.  Once they dried I put them together with a pipe cleaner to make butterflies.  They are watching us from the chandelier.  See, the girls are showing you.

All in all, school is going well.  I'm still having to deal with a little more fussiness than I would like.  I'm convinced that my girls would not behave this way for a teacher in school, but since I'm their mom, they are comfortable enough to be themselves.  Oh, the character shaping opportunities available for a homeschool mom!!    Not always my favorite job, but it's what God has tasked to me so I will thank Him for the blessing of these children in my care and let His power be made perfect in my weakness.


Dillon, Emily, Micah and Naomi said...

Where did you find the girls' smocks? Micah is suppose to have one for school, but I was never able to find one.