Sunday, July 24, 2011

I miss old coins

Seriously!!  How are you supposed to teach a preschooler the names of the coins when no two look alike.

All the quarters now have states on the back when there should be an eagle.

And did you know there are new nickel designs?  Now the face is artistically off to the left side instead of a centered sillouette.  And there's a fancy tree/ocean pictures on the back in honor of Lewis and Clark instead of Monticello.

It's totally frustrating! 

I'm all for mixing things up and honoring things that make our nation so great, but can't we keep some things consistant.  Or maybe we could just put a big 1, 5, 10, or 25 on there somewhere?!


Mom said...

I totally agree. Save the creativity for postage stamps! I guess this is to spur collectors ($$) to hoard coins and make countefeiting harder?
When I taught first grade, it was very hard for some students to understand that the tiny dime had a greater value than the nickel!
So...If I were in charge of the world, coins would be graduated sizes according to value and have big numbers on one side (like you suggested) and a patriotic symbol on the other.