Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hi Mommy and Daddy (Wednesday)

Hi Mommy and Daddy!
Today we had a busy morning going to visit Grandpa and Greatgrandpa at church.  They work there every Wednesday to help take care of the church buildings.  We had donuts with all the workers...yummy!  After that, we went to the library for story time and the theme was dinosaurs.  The picture shows us coloring a picture of Elmo and a dinosaur while we waited for the stories to begin.  It was crowded, but lots of fun.  We both participated with the stories and movements!

After lunch, Charlotte took a good long nap while I went to Wal-mart with Grandma for a few things.  We got new silky nightgowns because I really like silky ones now.  We told Grandma and Grandpa "Thank you" many times for the presents!!  We played outside too, but it is 103 here today so we got pink cheeks and had to come inside to play with toys and books.  We have also been doing a lot of dancing on the porch when it's not too hot.

The second picture is "movie and popcorn" as Charlotte says.  This is Charlotte's favorite thing.  Tonight we had chocolate milk with our popcorn and Charlotte loved that!

Tomorrow we plan to go to the Brookshire's museum, but we may need to re-think our picnic afterwards if it's too hot.  We may go to an air-conditioned restaurant or come home instead.

Thank you for the e-mail!  We are continuing to be really good and Charlotte's runny nose is lots better!  I had a little cough, but my breathing treatments are helping a lot.  We love you!

Caroline (& Charlotte)