Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another day at the zoo

We celebrated out first week with no school with another trip to the zoo and I have to say, this was one of our most pleasant trips.  We'd had our last cool snap before summer so the temperature was still pleasant.  And being so close to the end of real school, there weren't very many field trips.

I let the girls set the pace and decide where we were going and how fast we got there.  It was fun to see what their interests were.  They both wanted to see the zebra the entire time.  For some reason, I always forget that it's over in the hoofed animal section, so we ended up catching it right before lunch.

 The nice thing about my two skinny girls is that they can share the stroller.  It's so much easier to manuver than the wagon.  And I even figured out how to remove the tray, so it was much simpler to gt them in an out.

We had a snack at a bench in front of the bears.  Caroline hammed it up, peaking around the corner of the stroller.  Then the girls both wandered over to watch the bears.  Look, someone let a monkey out!!

Since it wasn't crowded with field trips, the girls both played in the tribal huts in the new African forest exhibit.  And Caroline "hung" around playing with the tribal masks.

Caroline and Charlotte both rode the carousel.  Caroline was brave and rode an animal that went up and down.  She stayed on the entire time, but I don't think she enjoyed it.

After visiting our favorite goats, we had a picnic lunch by the duck pond.  Then we went to the reptile house (for our first time, I believe) and headed home.  What a fun day!!