Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Funny things about the girls

We were about to watch Sleeping Beauty when Caroline pointed out to me that the prince has to fight a mean dragon and it's scary. Then she added, "But they are oh so very happy in the end." It was funny because she said it with this dramatic, joyfully breathless tone of voice.

Sometimes when Caroline has been away playing with friends, she will be super polite when she comes home. Last night, she said "Mommy, will you be so kind as to open the gate for me."

Tonight at dinner, Caroline was mumbling about something and it turned out that she was talking to her imaginary children. Kevin asked how many she had. "Eleven." Then he asked their names and counted on his fingers until she had said eleven. The names were, Henry, Doh, Henry, Caroline, Charlotte, Happy Birthday, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, and Cheeto. Kevin asked her how she could tell the Henrys apart and apparently they are actually Henry Duke and Henry Henry. Kevin also asked what they say when Happy Birthday has a birthday, but apparently, you still just say "Happy Birthday."

Other notable things about Caroline... She has finally mastered buckling herself in. She really struggled with the bottom buckle of her five point harness, but she's been doing everything by herself for about three weeks now. It's so nice that she has this independence.

Of course, Charlotte is Miss Independent now that she's two, so she likes to climb into the van and then into her seat all by herself. If I try to give her a boost in her seat, she'll climb down and do it again by herself. "I do it myself," is her new mantra.

I've noticed over the last month or so, that Charlotte's bunny has his own persona. She'll talk to him and show him things. Tonight she was giving bunny a bracelet and putting it on his arm. I also need to mend bunny's ears for the second time.

Twice last week, Charlotte got her diaper after bathtime, laid it on the floor, sat on it, and laid down for us to finish the task.