Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deck the Halls

My annual, Christmas decorating bonanza started on the Saturday following Thanksgiving as usual. Kevin had a morning praise team practice that Caroline attended with him. So, during Charlotte's morning nap, I got most of the general decorating done.

We finished getting the tree ready for ornaments throughout the afternoon, but then got sidetracked with the outside lights. So, we had a quick pancake dinner before getting getting to Caroline's favorite part of putting ornaments on the tree.

Charlotte's new place of honor is sitting on the kitchen counter while I cook. She decided that I needed help mixing the pancake batter and Kevin caught it on camera.

Caroline and I decided that it was going to be Charlotte's turn to do the star on top of the tree this year, but in the end, Caroline finally put it on for us since Charlotte wasn't quite sure what to do.

After baths and putting Charlotte to bed, Caroline and I decorated the tree for her room. I love having the little tree in her room. We started the tradition last year and it always reminds me of the Tasha Tudor book "A Doll's Christmas."


Carrie S. said...

Charlotte really looks like Kevin in these recent photos!