Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cleaning success

I have been feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of toys and children's books that we've amassed over the past four years. It's so hard to get rid of anything because I know Charlotte will get a turn with most of Caroline's stuff and since we (most likely) are not done having kids, I hate to get rid of a baby item I'd likely reuse.

But, the fact is, we'll get even more stuff for another baby and Charlotte gets her own gifts for all the holidays. And where would I put it all?!

So, at Kevin's encouragement, I approached a toy purge with Caroline. We emptied the entire closet (also looking for a missing vegetable piece that is still elusive), and she totally surprised me!! She was so willing to get rid of items. Most of them she had reasons such as the toy being difficult to play with (like some foam flying airplanes) or were scarry (like the 3 bears puzzle that has the bears making angry faces at Goldilocks). We easily filled a laundry basket with stuff, which I added to a diaper box of baby toys I'd already purged.

I found myself having to bite my tongue a few times when she wanted to get rid of something that I had an attachment to. But, I just remembered that it's more important for her to have a giving spirit. Kevin did let me rescue two things.

(I would have taken a picture, but I don't want anyone to see what she chose to get rid of ; )

So last night, I made $11 at Once Upon a Child and made a big drop off at Goodwill. Yay!!


Carrie S. said...

I remember when we had only 1 or 2 toys for Z when I visited with you and Melissa over a year ago - now, I feel like I am wading through them! And we didn't even buy most of them! I know how they can multiply fast. No worries - give away what you know you probably won't use. You will be certain to get new things as Christmas and Birthdays go by!