Monday, November 8, 2010

Caroline's cooking show

Caroline played outside today instead of having roomtime while I worked on my Bible Study. When she came inside, she told me that she had been pretending "cooking show."

On special evenings, we like to watch "mommy's cooking shows together." I remember pretending cooking shows when I was growing up. So, in total "child mode," I offered to video tape her. We even got some of mommy's cooking stuff out (the mustard, mac 'n cheese, and can of tomato, were the first unopened things I found in the pantry).

So here you go...

The most intersting things that I noticed were, first that she picked up on the fact that you list out ingredients at the beginning of the show, and second that she seemed to not want to lay the spoon on the table, but make sure it was staying in a pot and keeping the table clean (I guess).


Mom said...

Look out Martha, Paula, Rachel, Ina, and Giada! Caroline is just as talented but MUCH cuter!
May I have a copy of your recipe, Caroline?