Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All "sorts" of stuff

Charlotte can sort by color!!

I've been trying it with her a couple days each month (when I get really motivated), but with no success. But I suspected she did it yesterday, and I saw her do it today.

One activity is sorting silk flowers. I have 5 red flowers and 5 yellow flowers that have matching, paper covered tin cans. Besides sorting the colors, getting the stems into the can is a great motor skill.

The other activity is a two compartment tray from Dollar Tree (my favorite school supply store). I have a red and blue foam mat for the compartments and we use the 3 red and 3 blue game pieces from our Candyland Castle game. She even took the mats out and sorted the pieces into the tray based on the side that had been blue and red before.

I've also seen her sort some counting animals that we have. She'll get out all four green turtles. And then she'll hold up a rabbit in each hand to show me.

Here are some other October pictures:

Wearing clip-on earings.

Visiting Holly in her bed under the preschool table.
Wearing her sister's shoes.

Playing in the ball pit.

Charlotte is also working on a tooth this week. She's getting the third tooth in the bottom front. She's had the two bottom front teeth forever, and then got the molars. I guess she'll fill in now.


Mom said...

Little Charlotte...you are so adorable and smart, too! When you come for Thanksgiving...you can sort the olives (green/black), carrot sticks (long/short), turkey (white/dark), and pie (pumpkin, pecan). You can entertain all the guests, okay?