Thursday, September 2, 2010

Caroline quotes

I just took a snack to Caroline for roomtime. We've been studying creation this week, so I explained that her snack was animal crackers and goldfish because God made the animals and fish. Here was her response...

"That sounds like a plan. (Giving me a thumbs up.) Thank you mommy."

She's been picking up on and using the responses that Kevin and I give such as "Good deal." or "That sounds like a plan."

Another funny story happened when I was making Kraft Mac'n Cheese for lunch the other day. Caroline noticed the picture driven directions on the side of the package. She knew the milk and I had to explain the butter stick/slices. She even called them "ingredients" which is a word she's used for awhile, but always stuns me to hear such a big word used in the proper context. She had fun telling me how to make the meal.