Sunday, August 22, 2010


Can you all hear the Wii Fit voice saying, "measuring.... measuring?"

Well, Caroline is very into measuring lately.

We have a growth chart in her room and she's been constantly wanting to know how much she "weighs." But, I, of course, know she means her height. I think that part of the obsession is that she is over three feet tall, and she's made a connection that when she reaches the four foot mark on her chart, then it will be her fourth birthday. Since I only numbered the feet up to five, she even inquired one day about what will happen after five.

I always find it a challenge to correct something when she's put two and two together and not reached the correct answer of four. I feel so bad that she's tried so hard to make sense of things.

Anyway, we were having some type of conversation during dinner on Sunday, and it evolved into a measuring project.

I taped together two pieces of packing paper (left over from the move to Houston over three years ago) and we marked Caroline and Charlotte's height. Then we had fun finding objects that we could line up to measure them.

4 flip flops
6 books
3 mardi gras necklaces
19 magnets
6 pencils
10 soup cans

3 flip flops
5 books
2 necklaces
13 magnets
5 pencils
8 soup cans

I'm having trouble getting our poster to stay hanging on the wall, but while it was up one day, Caroline even noticed that she and Charlotte both measured 3 in a category.