Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick stories

Kevin's mom is visiting this weekend and we made a quick trip to the splash pad this evening.
When we got home, Caroline announced to the whole mini-van that when she gets bigger, she is going to be a mommy. I told her that was great and that she would be a great mommy. Then I asked if she thought Charlotte would be a good mommy. But she informed me that babies can't be mommies.

Caroline's new thing today is to tell us that she is going to "think about it." As in, "Caroline, would you like some more cantaloupe?" "Hmmm, let me think about it." I'm sure she has picked this up from me since I get so many requests from her sometimes that I have to stall to process my thoughts.

Charlotte is having a verbal explosion. She repeats a new word everyday. Today it was "egg" since she was playing with an Easter egg that missed long term attic storage. And have I blogged about her saying "thank you." Of course, it sounds more like "dank doo," but she will repeat it over and over again until you acknowledge her with "you're welcome." I'm so amazed by how well both the girls implemented "thank you." They both caught on so quickly as toddlers. Now, if only "please" were as easy.