Thursday, August 19, 2010

Concluding updates

I guess I'm caught up posting for now. Here's whats going on at this moment...

We are approaching the third weekend of our bathroom remodel.

Basically, we've undone everything in our bathroom that you can undo, except the bathtub. All the dry wall is patched and hopefully, I'm done with mudding. Tomorrow, I texture and paint and then hopefully we'll begin building everything back up.

We probably have at a minimum, three weekends left before we have a usable master bathroom again.



The fun thing about remodeling is getting to problem solve with Kevin. So far, we've tackled a tile floor that would not give in (solution: demo hammer), new shower trim kit that wasn't compatible (solution: return for a new trim kit and additional, contemporary handle), light fixture that wouldn't relocate due to inconveniently placed pipe (solution: return new lights and order a light to work with the current junction box location), water damaged studs (solution: call my dad : ), and trashmen that wouldn't pick up our stuff (solution: it magically disappeared).

The thing that I don't like about remodeling is how dirty my house feels and that I have a handful of boxes floating around our bedroom, the girls bathroom, and the downstairs bathroom with our bathroom essentials.

Other than that, I finally have a plan for our new fall routine and home preschool curriculum. We'll either start the week of Sept. 1st, or after Labor Day. Technically, we are doing school right now with Hooked on Phonics (7 stickers in - yay!) and folders, but I'm adding some new routines and Charlotte is going to be part of our new "Circle Time," which I'm very excited about. Actually, that makes me feel a little choked up that the girls are getting to do school together in this way. Here's the girls getting the calendar caught up (it was still on June). Caroline lined up all the holiday tiles into a perfect grid in the storage area on the bottom.


Nalley Family said...

I am amazed with your skills!! We are not very handy at the Nalley house!!! I can't wait to see the final bathroom product!