Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charlotte stories

Charlotte love to climb into containers, bowls, baskets, you name it. The dog bowls are a favorite. And they are just her size.

After several failed attempts to sit down in the small basket that holds our bean bags, I emptied out a toy basket for her. She was in heaven.

Charlotte loves her bunny and her pacifier. She's been working on tooth five and six, so I've let her have her pacifier during the day. She's taken to stuffing her bunny's ear under the pacifier, so it's stuck under her nose. It's funny to see her be so intentional about arranging it there.

Caroline was playing on the bed in the nursery this morning and Charlotte quickly figured out how to get up using the toy box. Here, she was playing on it while Caroline took an early nap (both girls have strep this week).

"Mommy, I want my crib blanket."
"Ahh, now that's more like it." (She'd been trying to tuck her feet under the comforter that lays folded across the foot of the bed.)


Marianne said...

I hope the girls are feeling better from strep. Boo!