Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charlotte has gotten really good at following instructions.

I can give a sippy cup of milk or her scoop big to her and instruct her to put them on the kitchen table, and she does it. It's a good distraction while I'm finishing meal set up.

She will also take her laundry from the nursery to the laundry basket in the bathroom. That's something I remember Caroline doing also. It's one of their first "chores."

This morning, Charlotte had thrown her pacifier out of the crib and it landed right under the crib at one corner. I'd noticed it when I got her up, but decided to deal with picking it up later. After breakfast and getting dressed, Charlotte picked it up herself and wandered around sucking on it while I was getting Caroline ready. Then I told Charlotte to go put the pacifier in her room, wondering what she'd do. Wouldn't you know, she went and put it right back in the spot it had fallen under the crib. What a great memory!! And great obedience too!!