Saturday, June 19, 2010

Splash Pad Fun

The girls are having tons of fun at the splash pad this year. We had gone several weeks ago, before Charlotte was walking on her own, and it wasn't much of a hit. But now that she's walking, both of the girls are having so much fun.

Caroline loves aiming the water cannon and sitting on the fountains waiting for them to turn back on. She also figured out that it's fun to fill up buckets with water and dump them on people. We are working on teaching her that it's not always appreciated.

Charlotte will walk under the rain showers if you call her and isn't the least bit bothered by water spraying in her face. It's another one of her personality traits that seems so polar opposite to the way her sister used to be so timid at the splash pad, and would only play if I held her hand the whole time.


Kelly Mc said...

the girls look so cute! looks like they had a blast :)