Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fine motor skills

I feel like Caroline is making some big progress in fine motor skills this week.

She did really well on our counting cut/paste project earlier this week.

Also, on Sunday - Mother's day - she voluntarily colored in the lines of a picture in her children's menu when we were out to eat. She's done it several times since then. I've tried not to be too obsessive over her coloring in the lines because I heard a mom harping on it with her child when we were at the library years ago. I just didn't want to sound like that. But the last few months I've been trying to nudge her in that direction a little more.

And today, Caroline drew four pictures from scratch. At my request she drew me a rainbow... a perfect arch, complete with multiple colors. Then, all on her own, she drew a lollipop... concentric circles on a stick - something Kevin taught her. And then she drew a cat and butterfly from the instructions in her pad of paper. So fun!! All the pages are labeled and dated : )

Charlotte is getting quite good at crayons too. They make the occassional trip into her mouth, but she loves to pull new colors from the box and scribble on the pages.

(Photos from May 3rd playdate with Caroline's friend Charlotte. I've noticed that she likes to put all her stickers in a neat little row, whereas Caroline's cover the entire page. It's so interesting how kids do things differently.)