Sunday, April 25, 2010

What else is new?

Caroline and Charlotte have taken up wrestling with each other. It makes me so nervous that Caroline won't be gentle enough, but Charlotte really enjoys it and actually lays herself back onto the floor to invite the fun.

Caroline is still saying "I'd be happy to" and "How can I help you" throughout the day. She's such a sweet little girl. She's also gotten very good at folding my kitchen towels and wash shams. She did them so well a few weeks back that I gave her a penny for each one she folded (I don't know what I really expect her to buy with five pennies, but she got a kick out of putting them in a jar).

The girls have a squirt bottle (you know the "cleansing bottle" you get from the hospital) that they play with in the bath tub. I filled it up the other night and sprayed a little water in Charlotte's face to see what she'd do. She thought it was hilarious. I kept spraying her and she'd squeal and splash with her hands with excitement.

I tried putting both the girls in the swimming pool this week and Charlotte would have none of it. I don't know if it was the temperature (I'd even added some hot water to the pool), the fact that she had a bathing suit on, that it was almost naptime, or what. I hope she warms up to the swimming pool soon or Caroline will only get to swim during naptime.

Charlotte says "bear," "ball," mic"key," "ssss" for her bunny blanket, "ma ma," "da da," "go" for a car picture, boo"k," "hi," and "bye bye." Sometimes she says "bye bye" before you are ready. A few weeks ago, my friend Ysabel watched the girls for me. When I got home, we were recapping what went on while I was out and walking towards the door. Charlotte just starts waving and saying "bye bye," as if to say, "I had so much fun with you, but now it's time for you to go."

Caroline and I played Candyland today. She's gotten very good at counting and moving to the correct colored squares. Even though only she and I were playing, everyone had their own color. She was red, daddy was yellow, I was blue, and Charlotte was green. Caroline had me play the yellow figure, so technically I was supposed to be daddy. If I drew a card and said, "Mommy got two purples," she'd correct me that I was daddy. And if I drew a blue card, she'd say, "That's mommy's color." The mommy and Charlotte figures were waiting at the end of the game board and we were all reunited at the end of the game.

Saturday, Caroline was looking at a library book that we've had since Tuesday. We've probably read it less than five times, but she was turning the pages and retelling the story very accuratley. She even quoted what the people said with great detail. It's so amazing what a sponge little kids are.