Thursday, April 1, 2010

Early morning

Wow, it's not even 7:30 and we've done two tracing worksheets and Caroline's "math" workbook.

I printed an upper/lower case ABC tracing sheet a few days ago.
As soon as Caroline came downstairs this morning, she wanted to do it.
It was cute because she had us taking turns doing the letters. She did A, then I did B, then she did C... she's got this turn thing all figured out.

She kept telling me in her high pitched voice, "That was your best one!!" when I'd trace mine.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering... she's still my little lefty. We've done all her handwriting practice stuff left-handed. It's a little difficult for mommy to see exactly what she's doing when her hand is in the way, but we are managing.


Julie Harding said...

Being a lefty myself, I always had trouble seeing what I was supposed to do on those worksheets because my hand was over the example, so my parents asked my teacher to print off an extra copy for me to be able to see what I was supposed to be doing.