Saturday, April 24, 2010

Company Picnic

We got to go to a company picnic at the Oil Ranch in April. We'd gone when we worked together at Universal Computer Systems before we had kids. I have to say, it was much more fun to watch the girls experience it together.

We started out with Charlotte's first bounce house. She really liked it and we've made two trips to the Ruckus Room since. Caroline was having tons of fun too, as you can see her mid-air in the photo.

Then we milked a cow. I'd talked it up the week before. We colored pictures of cows, learned that the milk comes from their udders, and watched an online video of milking a cow. The farmer on the video showed us how to hold our fingers while we are milking, so anytime I have Caroline "tell someone where the milk comes from" she says "the udders" and holds her fingers in a scissor-like position. Caroline also likes to comment on the fact that there was not a bucket for the milk to go in. She really must have paid attention to that video. Future dairy farmer?

Caroline went on her first pony ride today. Again, I was afraid she'd be shy of the prospect, so we colored pictures of pony rides and talked about it the previous week. The staff here must have it all figured out because no sooner had the ranch hand set Caroline in the saddle, he took-off leading the pony around the coral. So, Caroline hung on tight and enjoyed the ride.

The petting zoo was fun. Their goats must not be as used to kids as the ones at the zoo though. The herd took off for whatever corner the children were not. The zoo goats just stand there doing nothing. We also saw horses, pigs, chickens, and roosters.

Charlotte enjoyed her first snow cone. She kept leaning in for another bite of mommy's icy treat.

This was our first family train ride too. Lots of first for us today, as we haven't gotten around tot he train at Herman Park. Both girls enjoyed it. Kevin and Caroline counted down we were ready to enter the tunnel.