Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Allergy updates

We retested Caroline's peanut allergy this week.

She is still very allergic to peanuts. They put a little pin prick of serum on her back and the peanut welt was at least 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Poor thing.

I had them test all nuts and she also came up allergic to pecan, hazelnut (watch out for italian desserts), and black walnut. Those welts were much smaller though. I'm not sure what small measurement they use, but her peanut welt was 35 and the pecan/hazelnut/black walnut welts were 3's and 4's. And our control welt where they gave her straight up histamine was a 5.

Theoretically, she can have almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachio, english walnut, coconut, and sesame seeds. It's just all so nervewracking though, that I just skip the whole nut family.

I'm so thankful that we have been able to steer clear of peanuts since that first reaction two years ago. There are peanut warnings on so many labels due to factories and equipment that process peanuts near totally unrelated products (Wal-mart mac n cheese for example).


Melissa Hamilton said...

We have just discovered our Rachel is allergic to peanuts as well. Our doc told us we will test at 3, but for now we are avoiding all things nutty! Can CAroline eat Chick Fil A, since they cook it in peanut oil? Last time we went, Rachel had a rash around her mouth. SO fun to have a kid with this allergy, huh?

Cora said...

Daria is fortunate to eat peanuts but every other nut she has tried makes her vomit :(. I used to let her try different nuts but have vowed off all nuts(except for peanuts). I agree it is a lot easier to avoid the nuts then sort through them to find what they can have!

Sarah said...

Walmart mac-n-cheese is gross anyway :)

Sarah said...

But, also.... poor Caroline :(

Andrea said...

It's so random that I see this post today, after having not been on my blog for over a month, because Benjamin is reacting to some sort of food that I eat as well (he hasn't even had any solids yet). It might be what's causing both his reflux and his eczema. I have been to his regular doctor (who didn't mention allergies at all) and a chiropractor (who did) and will also be seeing a homeopath hopefully early next month.