Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Bit

Kevin likes to call Charlotte "little bit." Our little bit finally has enough hair for a little ponytail. It makes me glad that I never corrected her long wisp of hair that didn't fall out after birth.

Charlotte is very into books. She constantly gets books, asking "k k k." We've taught her the sign for "please" now to go along with her request. "B is for Bear" is a current favorite, along with any book that is based on a song such as "Old MacDonald," "The Wheels on the Bus," and the alphabet song. She also likes the books that play sounds or music when you push the buttons. Finally, she likes the fuzzy farm animal book that has textured parts.

She is so adventurous. She climbed into the laundry basket today while I was fixing Caroline's hair... after putting her favorite pink bunny blanket inside first. She also just started climbing onto the ride-on car all by herself. She's also climbed onto the Caroline's bed using the bedside stool and stepped up onto a shape sorter box to get a closer view of the TV. I have so much to learn that Caroline didn't teach me.


Carrie S. said...

I can't wait for Zack to get on his car by himself!

Kelly Mc said...

Margaret, I was just wondering about the sign language that you are teaching Charlotte. Is that so that she can communicate with you before she is able to actually talk or is there another reason that is common parental knowledge?