Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter at Ainsley Courte

This is our third year to go to the Easter Egg Hunt at Ainsley Courte. My MOPS group goes every Halloween and Easter to visit the residents. They really get a kick out of seeing the little kids.

Caroline has been practicing her egg hunting skills (and hiding) around our house for about two weeks. She and I take turns hiding and finding our entire bucket of empty easter eggs. She's very good at finding tricky places - like under the cowboy hat that's on the rocking horse.

Charlotte has mastered "put in" and is able to "find" some eggs for herself and put them in her basket. Here she is claping and saying "yay" for herself.

This is Miss Anne. We see her every time we go. She wasn't there when we went in February and I thought she was gone, but I was so happy to see her in her favorite rocker today.


Carrie S. said...

Cute dresses - did you make them?