Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Charlotte updates

I know that I've probably been bad about writing down things about Charlotte, so here are some updates.

She says ma ma, (boo)k, bu(ddy), read this (probably something only Kevin and I can make out, but it's true), go, some kind of "ca" sound for kitty, ba(ll), b(alloon), yay, uh-oh, quack, and duck.

Ducks are her favorite animal. She will notice a duck anywhere. She will also notice and point out a ball anywhere - even if it's just the concrete decorations in front of Target, or airplane bouys on power lines.

She knows signs for please, more, milk, book, music, finished, and eat. She's realized that the please sign will get her most anything, so she usually does that instead of the sign for more or book.

She loves to crawl and climb. She can climb onto the stools, kiddy chairs, toy cars, and the maroon chair in the living room. She's used Caroline's pink stool to make it onto her bed on a few occassions. She also likes climbing the stairs and will lean/reach downward to make her desire known if I'm about to carry her up the stairs.

She's gotten pickier about her dinner. She's eat just goldfish and cheerios all day if I'd let her. She really likes the banana that she has everyday at lunch, but has been leaving her cheese, veggies, and other fruits behind lately. I gave her some graham cracker today and it was an instant hit. I'm so thankful that she drinks her whole milk... three cups a day... since Friday was her last day to get breastmilk. Yes, I weaned her in time for my early morning at the garage sale. It helped to be so busy on Saturday that I didn't think about it.

She's still not walking, but does well with her walkers. She is especially good at walking behind the Elmo mower outside. I've caught her standing just a couple times. She usually tricks me by turning around and leaning back on something so her hands are free, but she's still supported.

Her favorite toy is a play CD player that she got from Aunt Mimi for her birthday. Second to that is her musical Teapot from Grace and Glory.

She's fallen in love with her bear that Grandad sent to her when she was born. She's been taking it off the bookshelf daily and leaning in to kiss it and hug it the past week. Oh, yeah, she kisses now... you know, the cute, open mouth, slobber kiss. So precious!!

I guess I can't talk about favorites without mentioning that the pink bunny blanket still holds the title of "lovie."

Charlotte is a good helper and likes to clean up. She's always the first to put bath toys away in the basket when bathtime is over. She also puts her milk in the high chair cup holder and says "yay" and claps for herself.

She seems to prefer me over Kevin. Caroline has been more of a daddy's girl, so it's fun that Kevin conceeds that Charlotte is mine.

We've got to be getting more teeth any day now, but only two at this point. We'll see what the doctor thinks in a few days when we have her late 1 year check-up.