Thursday, February 11, 2010

Picture catch-up

I'm behind in taking photos, so I took over 60 pictures while the girls were playing today. They are in cute pink camo. Charlotte's is a hand-me down that Caroline got from Granny for her first birthday. Caroline's is a hand-me down that we got from the Morgan's.

Charlotte likes riding on the pink car. She either says "car" or "go" when she wants help getting on. I'm not sure which she is saying because the way she says it could be an attempt at either word. She can only push herself backwards at this point, and is successful at getting off of it all by herself... a controlled fall, if you will.

Caroline is baking a cake. There is an apple inside the pot. Then she showed me her "ingredients" - however did I teach her that word? The ingredients were in a book that I had drawn out a play shopping list.

Caroline took some pictures of me and Charlotte. Yay, now mommy gets to be in some pictures. She'd also taken some pictures of Mickey.

It's difficult to get a good smile from Caroline, but these cuddling with Mickey are really sweet.

Somehow, Charlotte figured out to put the eggs in the frying pan. They were kind of wedged in at this point when she was chewing on the handle.


Of course, now I want some posed pictures of them together.

Could this smile be any cuter? Still just two teeth. At her last sick appointment (three weeks ago), our doctor said that she was going to get all four of the top teeth at the same time. We are still waiting.

Charlotte has been walking with her walker for about two weeks now. On Tuesday, I finally got her to walk while holding my hands. She is doing better every day. Maybe she'll be walking by her birthday.

Mr. Potato Head. What a classic toy. Charlotte was really into the glasses. She kept wanting me to have them, or she would put them in the basket.

More riding on the car.

I don't have near enough pictures of the girls with Kevin. Here's Charlotte getting some kisses.