Thursday, February 25, 2010

Children's museum

We spent several hours this morning at the Houston Children's Museum. We'll probably be going a lot more frequently since I splurged for a membership seeing as after tomorrow, Charlotte will need a ticket.

We hit the Grocery Store first. Like mother, like daughter... we go early to avoid the crowds.

Charlotte was quality control for the produce.

Caroline loved being a vet. She checked the doggy's heart, weight him, and gave him a shot.

Driving the ambulance.

Charlotte got to have some fun in the Tot Spot.

There was a Vietnam area that I'd never seen before. Caroline got to ride on the moped.

On the walk to the museum and going back to the car, Caroline wanted to hold Henry's hand. So cute!!


Kelly Mc said...

love that picture of Charlotte in front of the mirror. Nice composition!