Tuesday, February 16, 2010

C - A - T

Caroline spelled her first word today!!

Last Friday, I decided to try to teach her to read the word "cat." We talked about "at" and played with our letter magnets building the word "cat." Then we did the at worksheet and made flashcards for all five words (cat, mat, rat, hat, bat).

We did some more on Monday and did the worksheet a second time.

Today, we went to storytime at the library (first time in 10 months) and it was about CATS!! How excited was mommy!! We even made a cat.

At lunch, Caroline told me that making a cat was her favorite part of our day. Then she remarked, "C for cat."

"What comes next?" I asked, not expecting a response.


"Then what?"


Oh yes, I'm so proud!! We called Daddy at work and told him all about it.


Andrea said...

That's so cute! :D