Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tid bits

Well, in the midst of the girls and me being sick for what seems like the entire month of January, I'm behind in posts. So here are some tid bits that I don't want to forget.

Charlotte is doing several signs: more, water, finished, book, music, applesauce, and cheese

I remembered that Caroline used to like doing "row, row, row your boat" so I tried it with Charlotte this week and now she says "row, row, row." It's so cute to see her little mouth and toungue trying to make the "R" sound.

I learned this week that a magnadoodle is not a good toy to have within the reach of a little sister.

Caroline has been a little mother hen this week, loving on me and telling me to rest. It's been so hard to take good care of my sick girls while I'm not feeling well either.

Kevin's been awesome at picking up my slack. He's been making lunches for the girls and me before he leaves for work every day.

Charlotte also says "k" for book. I feel like I'm catching onto subtle communications better this time around since I know what to look for.

I'm learning how different children can be. Charlotte seems to be more of a risk taker and curious child. Although, to her credit, she does have more opportunity. She will find the smallest piece of fuzz or leaf from my floor and try to eat it. She is trying to climb step stools and the boxes of dog food - with little success so far. She got into three markers off of Caroline's preschool table last week. She also pulled a basket of toys on top of herself from a shelf on several occassions. I'm learning lots of lessons that Caroline didn't teach me (Hey, I hear all those evil snickers.).

Caroline has started drawing people. I took pictures of her handiwork, so look for those posts. She's also been attempting to write her name.