Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posting more Christmas

Well, I'm back again. I'm going to try posting some more Christmas.

I've enjoyed things being back to "normal" around the house this week. It doesn't completely feel normal because Charlotte dropped her third nap right before Christmas, so now she's not asleep while I'm getting dinner ready and getting myself ready in the morning is delayed an extra hour until her new naptime starts. Also, we've been experimenting with no nap for Caroline in order to have a more pleasant bedtime. So she just has an hour of quiet time and then gets to help mommy finish up chores.

It has been fun to have them both awake more and playing with all their new Christmas toys. I feel like we've played so much this week. It is lots of fun, but I'm learning the challenge of being "mommy referee" between my sweet girls. Charlotte lets out loud grunts when she can't have a toy and Caroline is having to learn the unspoken, social rules of playing together - like that you don't offer someone a toy that you know they can't play with only to not let them have it.

Anyway, on to post some more Christmas.