Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow (part 1)

We had snow in Houston today!!

I had heard rumors that snow was coming on Friday, but figured nothing would happen. But lo and behold, small flurries were starting as we drove to MOPS this morning. I was so excited. I called Kevin on my cell phone once we got past the school zone. Then I started explaining snow to Caroline. The flurries picked up once we crossed 290 and got to the meeting. It was so fun to walk through the falling snow.

It was still snowing when MOPS was over. I called Kevin and squeeled that it was still snowing. I probably sounded nuts, but I was justs so excited for the girls to see snow.

Coming home, once we crossed 290, the snow was sticking to the ground. I didn't even take the girls inside. I grabbed my camera and took them straight from the car to the front yard to get some pictures.

We warmed up with hot chocolate for lunch. Caroline wasn't too sure about HOT chocolate (but I made hers very lukewarm).

(I have some more pictures of Caroline in the show while Charlotte had a nap that I'll post once I download them.)

Sadly, the temperature warmed and the snow was melted by the time naptimes were over.