Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Part 1

Doing our last advent star...

My cute, silky, girls.

Ready, set, presents!

Sorry, Charlotte, the candy canes are just for looks this year.

Stocking time.

Granny got a new camera. Dueling cameras makes for lots of pictures for mommy to blog : )

Playing with Charlotte's Laugh & Learn House - best present ever!! If I hadn't got it second hand, it would totally be worth paying full price. The girls are having so much fun with it. Charlotte's favorite part is the mailbox. Caroline's favorite part is when it plays the Alphabet song.

Mommy and Daddy's turn.

Caroline painted the wrapping paper herself. And she helped me make daddy a new "hot sock of rice." We upgraded him though by making it with pretty fabric instead of a sock. She helped me push the sewing machine pedal and fill it with rice.

More presents.

Charlotte got Caroline a "Hungry Caterpillar" puzzle.

Caroline got Charlotte a penguin play toy.