Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crawling and other updates

Well, I'm officially calling it. Charlotte is crawling... not just dragging herself along the floor, but hands and knees, crawling.

She is also pulling up. Kevin was laying on his side on the floor and she grabbed his hips and pulled herself all the way up to her feet. She even repositioned her feet once, so cruising may not be far away.

Caroline has had a rough week being sick. I figured it was just allergies or a cold, but by Friday, she had bronchitis, so we are finally on the mend with her Rxs and breathing treatments. She missed our niece's birthday party today. I'm hoping her temp won't go up again, so we will be in the 24 hour temp free zone to make a birthday party tomorrow evening.

I do have a funny story to share for Caroline. We have a small 12 inch square blanket that is satin on one side. It is known as her "cold blanket." Technically, I believe it belongs to Mickey. Last night, after bedtime, Caroline told us that her pull-up was bothering her. It turns out that she had stuffed it down her pants. And today, Kevin got her up from her nap and the blanket was stuffed inside her shirt. I think that tops the list of silly kid things she's done.


Kelly Mc said...

congrats Charlotte!