Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick stories on the girls...

Charlotte loves to stick her legs out of the crib. I've had to rescue her at least a dozen times. She gets her ankle through mostly. And sometimes she's through all the way up to her knee (which is very tricky to undo). I made a new bumper since she was playing with the ties on the old one, but it didn't solve the problem. I guess I'll have to go back to the sleep sack.

Caroline likes to ask me to do her favors. She's somehow learned by example that you don't tell someone what the favor is until they have responded yes. Usually, the favor is to write a note to grandma. Don't ask me why, but she's the only one that get's notes. For the longest time she thanked grandma for a dress that she sent in the mail. Now she's branching out. Here's today's note:

I have a Cinderella dress.
Charlotte's train is not working.
I went to the zoo.
I have fuzzies.

(She's talking about her halloween costume-which she told a zoo keeper and the checker at Wal-mart about also, a broken toy, our zoo trip yesterday, and her favorite learning activity.)

Here's one from last week:

My have a stool.
My have an oven.
My have some raisins and goldfish.
My have water.
I went to doctor.
That juice is all gone.

(Can you tell we were in the kitchen for that one? And we'd been to her checkup the previous day.)